Smoked + Dried Meat + Cheese Board GF 12.5
fine house selected cheeses, cured meats, olives, fruit preserves
Pierogi 6.5
house-made potato and cheese, sautéed bacon and onion chutney, sour cream
also sold frozen by the dozen 12
Polska Kielbasa 10.5
authentic recipe, thick cut topped with house sauerkraut, served with pickle and mustard
add sweet relish, onions +.50
Ahi Tuna Stack GF 11.5
brined cabbage slaw, sesame ginger aioli, chill glaze with wonton chips
New York Garlic Shrimp 12.5
sautéed jumbo shrimp, toasted garlic, white wine, aromatic garlic butter, house toast
Cauliflower Wings GF+V 11.5
crispy, smothered in our secret house sauce, celery, bleu cheese dip
Brussel Sprout Chips GF 9.5
hand peeled, crispy, truffle oil, parm, cheese
Bavarian Soft Pretzel 1 for 3.5 or 2 for 6
warm, house-made sweet and spicy mustard
Sweet Potato or Hand-Cut Fries GF 6.5
plain, garlic parm or blackened with house-made garlic aioli dip
Blue Ribbon BLT 8.5
smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, house bleu cheese
Grilled Cheese + Prosciutto 9
shaved, melted, pesto aioli
Classic French Dip 9.5
caramelized onions, swiss, au jus
House-Made Pastrami Reuben 9.5
NY style pastrami, kraut, swiss, mustard, rye
New York Burger 11.5
1/2 lb. grilled sirloin
Factory Burger 13.5
caramelized onion, bacon, roasted jalapeño mayo
Brie Burger 13.5
sliced local brie, arugula, lemon-shallot mayo
Friends of the Farmer Veggie Burger V 12.5
handmade, grilled mushrooms and tomato with garlic chive aioli
Friends of The Farmer Brie Burger 14.5
veggie burger, sliced local brie, arugula, lemon-shallot mayo
Black + Bleu 15.5
grilled marinated flank steak and potbelly mushrooms, bleu cheese crumbles, caramelized onions, grilled, roasted red peppers
New York New York 14.5
grilled chicken breast, prosciutto, arugula, tomatoes, mozzarella, roasted garlic aioli
Roasted Vegetable + Goat Cheese 13.5
seasonal vegetables, goat cheese, red onions, seasoned tomatoes, fresh basil-pesto aioli
Canal Margherita 12.5
fresh basil pesto, tomatoes, mozzarella
French Onion Soup 6.5
Seasonal (Of the Day) 5
Bigos (Hunters Stew) GF 9
cabbage, kielbasa, kraut, mushroom, tomato, authentic flavor, stewed with bones
BLT Iceberg Wedge GF 9.5
wedge topped with crisp bacon, tomato, crumbly bleu
Berry + Prosciutto Salad GF 12.5
field greens, cranberries, prosciutto chips, goat cheese, lemon-shallot vinaigrette
Arugula Salad GF 12.5
smoked gorgonzola, candied walnuts, house-aged vinaigrette
The New Yorker Salad GF 15.5
marinated flank steak, field greens, smoked gouda, shredded carrots, grilled onion, house-aged vinaigrette
Cast Iron Cowboy Rib-Eye GF 25.5
melted horseradish cream sauce, bacon, creamy mashed or rice pilaf, seasonal vegetable
Maple Butter Chop GF 24.5
seasoned pork chop, apple sauce, kraut, creamy mashed or rice pilaf
Coconut Curry Vegetable Rice Bowl GF+V 17.5
house curry, coconut rice, seasonal vegetables
grilled chicken breast +5 • lemon-dill grilled salmon +7 • marinated flank steak +7 • grilled shrimp +7 • seared ahi tuna +7.5
Tour of Poland 19.5
kielbasa, golobki, bigos, pierogi
Golabki 18.5
stuffed cabbage rolls, rice, sirloin, house seasonings, creamy mashed
Pierogi Platter 17.5
house-made, old-world recipe: potato and cheese, topped with bacon and onion chutney over kraut
Roasted Half Chicken GF 18.5
brown mushroom gravy, creamy mashed or rice pilaf, braised seasonal vegetable
Seared Dill Salmon GF 23.5
celery root purée, brushed with lemon-dill aioli, rice pilaf, seasonal vegetable
Stuffed Peppers GF+V 17.5
roasted seasonal vegetable and quinoa, arugula pesto with goat cheese crumbles
pierogi 1 dozen 9
bacon onion chutney 3
kielbasa 12.5 8.5
bigos 10 qt.
golabki 1 for 5.5 or 2 for 9
house sauerkraut 8 qt.
house pickle relish 9 qt.
chocolate flourless torte • pumpkin cheesecake limoncello mascarpone layer cake • gourmet brownie sundae • classic mini cannolis • vanilla and bourbon caramel ice cream sundae
biscotti martini • grasshopper • irish coffee
After Dinner Drinks
kahlua • avion tequila espresso liqueur • chambord drambuie • bailey’s • frangelico • grand marnier • apricot brandy • german apple schnapps • barenjager honey biscotti liquer • godiva chocolate or white chocolate
Port Wine
fonseca bin 27 • sandeman tawny
grappa • disaronno amaretto • st. germain • jagermeister • cointreu • sambuca romana (black or white) anisette • ricard anise liqueur • fernet-branca • fernet-branca menta • crème de menthe • benedictine