About New York Restaurant

At the New York Restaurant, history speaks for itself! A revival restaurant dating back to 1922, when life was simple and a steak was just $1.50. Now owned by a Polish-American who has taken us back in time to the best things in life... Food, Music & Spirits. Speak easy or rough, like a saloon of the past, where political correctness is incorrect. In any event the live music with casual dining will unite all types who value the simple pleasures in life! Natasha Witka has worked hard to bring back The New York Restaurant and invites you to experience local music, food and spirit makers from the Hudson Valley.

The food making at NYR is truly an epicurean experience. The New York Restaurant takes you on an endless journey of combing simple foods with complex flavors. The menu includes in-house cured meats, like Kielbasa, a pork chop that keep the swine on a chase. Other favorites like pierogi, European-style thin crust flatbreads, seared salmon with celery root and a brie burger with arugula & lemon shallot vinagrette. NYR also offers vegetarian and vegan options.

The New York Restaurant is committed to serving the community with an old world experience, where local artists are comfortable making music, where Hudson Valley craft beer makers and distillers produce spirits from field to bottle are featured, and where food is prepared by combining fresh new world ingredients and old world savory recipes that are delectable.


May those who enter as guests, leave as friends.